"hanya hati yang terbuka dapat menerima ketulusan, hanya tangan yang terbaik dapat menerima kebaikan dan pahala yang terbaik dapat merasai kenikmatan"

Friday, December 4

::love your mother::

~it was a sunday morning, and my dad just received a phone call from my sister. she was going into labour. so, naturally, we all rushed to the hospital to meet her there. a few hours laters, my sister gava birth to a beautiful baby girl, ma sha 'ALLAH. i feel like it was yesterday that she, herself, was a baby, my litle baby sister. but, as cinderella said, that was "once upon a time". now my baby sister is a mummy with a baby of her own. i love hearing my sister tell me stories about the activities of her son-to-be-born baby as she described the wonderful feeling of having another being growing inside her, kicking n moving around. sometimes she could even see the tiny fingers, or perhaps an elbow, poking her tummy from inside. from her beginning of her pregnancy, my sister's love for her unborn baby was so clear and obvious. she took care of what she ate or drank, took care of her movement, and became concerned with many others things she had never bothered it before.

no wonder Sophia Loren once said,
"A mother always has to think twice, once for herself, and once for her child".

it was so true for my sister, and i am sure for many other woman who have carried "the miracle of life" in their wombs. indeed, babies are such a miracle in life!! Allah has reminded us how we were created by Him in the wombs of our mothers...

(He created you from one being, then from that (being). He made its mate; and He hath provided for you of cattle eight kinds. He created you in the wombs of your mothers, creation after creation, in a threefold gloom. Such is Allah, your Lord. His is the Soveireignty. There is no God save Him. How then are ye turned away?)
-az-zumar 39:6 -
how lucky my sister is, now she had been raised by Allah to a very high position in life, she is now a mother, motherhood is a special status that ALLAH has bestowed upon selected women since the first creation of humankind untill today. it is something most women dream of achieving, but not everyone of us is given such an honor.this honorable position was confirmed by prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him), when he advised a companion to treat his mother well.

Mu'awiyah Ibn Jahimah(may Allah be pleased with him)reported that he once came to the Prophet and said "o messengger of Allah! i intend to go to jihad. i have come to you seeking you good counsel." He (the Prophet) asked him:"is your mother alive?" "yes"(Jahimah replied). the Prophet then said: "hold fast onto (serving) her as Paradise lies near her foot".
paradise!!ma sha 'Allah. imagine the status given by Allah to these special women called we really understand the significant of this hadith? can we even begin to comprehend and appreciate the worth and high status of our mothers? can we grasp how a women's status is raised to the moment she bears a child? women who are mothers must all be very special beings to be given such a position by Allah. don't you think so?
do you remember what Yusuf Islam asked us in his song, My Mother?"who was the one who used to hold us, clean us and bathe us, feed us, and stay with us while holding us tight when we were sick? what about the one person who could hear us before we could talk? hold us before we could walk?and pick us up and clean the cut when we fell?

yes..there is no other than our mothers.our mothers...

no man can do this job...

our mother is where paradise lies, right? one ticket to Heaven , to our eternal abode, lies with our obedience and sense of duty to our mothers. they are one of the tickets bearers and hold one of our admission tickets to not let our chance go to your mothers and do the good deeds on hers...

-life is an open secret by zabrina a. bakar~

::i love my mother::
~fatimah mohamed~

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