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Tuesday, October 12

chemistry + sketching = "CHEMSKETCH"

what is "chemsketch" actually?? before this, i dont know the existence of it untill now i learn it in my KOS, it is new to me and i'm really enjoy explore it...

now, let me tell all of you a little bit introduction about this chemsketch...
ChemSketch is a free download for educational use.want to download it?

It can be used to produce structures of organic
molecules, names of organic molecules as well as Lewis structures, 3D structures, space filling models or
ball and stick models, among other things.

DNA structure~

more explanation~
Most of the things we use – furniture, cars and trains, hairbrushes, houses and
organisms we interact with – insects, people, pets are all large enough for us to
see with the naked eye. As we learn about our world in more detail, we learn that
there are organisms that are even hundreds of times smaller than our garden
spider and require a microscope to see. We learn about the dust mites, our
seemingly invisible neighbors. In awe, we discover that a smooth may appear
jagged and rough under the microscope, something that we could not have
thought of by observation with the naked eye. Just imagine, a single cell is 10,000
times smaller than the average dog, and an atom is 100,000,000 times smaller
than a single cell. Since we cannot see how an atom of hydrogen or lead actually
looks like, we will use molecular visualization programs and hands-on molecular
models to better understand chemistry.
In this course, we will be using ACD/Chemsketch, a free program developed by
Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs), to draw chemical
structures and render or transform these structures into 3-D pictures that we can

ChemSketch - An Introductory Guide

double bonds(propene)rings and templatesnaming structure
lewis structureheteroatoms(ethanol)SMILES


ACD/ChemSketch has been integrated into ChemSpider to allow desktop access to searching the database via structure and substructure as well as generation of predicted properties. This development exposes initial efforts to integrate popular drawing packages to the ChemSpider services.

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