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Tuesday, September 21


assalamualaikum w.b.t

today, i will update my blog with new post regarding my lecture on computer in science, KOS1110....

this is one of my heavy subject i think since i am not really interested in whatever related to computer....but, i will try my best and always push my limit on this subject insyaALLAH

here, my schedule for this subject for every week during my first semester....

2.00p.m - 5.00p.m

have you ever heard about this word: M.A.P.L.E before?

or for those who are familiar with it, do you all know what it is really means??

firstly, for me, what maple is a software in mathematics field.....

by this sofware, we can learn how to draw graph by given function for example, we can integrated and differentiate the equation and so many more about mathematics by using our new technology which is, everything in our hand since the world is changing better from time to time~

wow, it is so amazing right??

the look of the graph can be seen easily with just insert the function in the programme of Maple...

for those who are taking mathematics like me must be interested in this beneficial software since it can make our knowledges and skill improved....

if you do not believe, lets try it....

based on my lecturer on Maple, from the previous batch, there is no one who got A in this subject...huh, can you imagine how difficult it is?he also mention that he will kill us in final right now, i can imagine how difficult it is...

but the utmost importance thing is do not give up before trying the best okay=)

let i tell a little bit more about Maple~

it is also programming in, it sound difficult but interesting to explore further..

there are a few type or name of proggramming...

A few words to those who are familiar with other programming languages.

  • Maple is a procedural programming language. It also includes a number of functional programming constructs. If you have written programs in Basic, Pascal, Algol, C, Lisp, or Fortran, you should be able to write numerical programs in Maple very quickly.
  • Maple is not strongly typed like C and Pascal. No declarations are required. Maple is more like Basic and Lisp in this respect. However types exist. Type checking is done at run time and must be programmed explicitly.
  • Maple is interactive and the programming language is interpreted. Maple is not suitable for running numerically intensive programs because of the interpreter overhead. Though it is suitable for high-precision numerical calculations and as a tool for generating numerical codes.
before i end my post today, another story about Maple from my friend, she is my classmate (syera syera)

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